New DeLaval calf hygiene box for improved animal welfare and reduced manual labour

The new hygiene box allows for a more natural drinking position for the calves, resulting in smoother milk intake that positively influences calf-health and growth of the animal.

The hygiene box performs a thorough circulation cleaning of the calf feeder up to the teat. This can be programmed up to four times per day, saving many hours of manual work. Together with a well-adapted DeLaval alkaline or alkaline-acid detergent, it ensures a comprehensive cleaning practise. The valve system allows the water and detergent mix to circulate during the cleaning process, whereas the milk does not circulate to safeguard high quality milk.

After each drinking session, the system performs a cleaning, including the outside of the teats and surrounding areas, ensuring the drainage bowl is cleaned of milk residue and mucus. 

“Hygiene and good calf rearing management is a hugely important area for the farmer”, says Ludo Bols, Feeding Systems Solution Manager EMEA. “The hygiene box is a smart and easy to use tool for the farmer, helping him or her to focus on hygiene measures and keeping the calves healthy”.  

The hygiene box from DeLaval is an add on for DeLaval calf feeder CF500S and DeLaval calf feeder CF1000S.

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