Sustainability report 2019 now available

“Based on direct customer insight and our materiality analysis, we have developed a new sustainability model. The model focuses on three main perspectives – Environment, Food and Animal Welfare, and Social and Economic,” says Lars Johansson, SVP Corporate Communications and Sustainability.

“In the new report you can read that we have identified 12 key sustainability challenges for DeLaval. Each challenge is driven by a member of our Group Management. During 2020 we will work on setting targets for these challenges and identify how we can impact the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

Our 12 key challenges are:


Waste and recycling ─ Sustainable waste management and recycling policies.

Emissions to air ─ Reduction of carbon emissions throughout the whole value chain.

Natural resources ─ Usage of materials in a way that does not lead to depletion of natural resources.

Water use ─ Responsible water use in both products and processes.

Food and Animal Welfare

Food safety ─ Meet all regulations regarding food safety to ensure milk is safe to consume.

Animal welfare ─ Extend longevity and improve milk yield by creating the best possible living standards for cows on farms.

Product development ─ Develop products that increase productivity to help farmers do more with less.

Partnerships ─ Ethical business partnerships that can help us achieve our corporate goals.

Social and Economic

Diversity and inclusion ─ An inclusive work environment with equal opportunities for all.

Employee satisfaction & wellbeing ─ A safe and healthy work environment with an ambition to have zero accident and no work-related illness.

Work efficiency ─ Develop products and processes that result in more efficient use of resources, while ensuring data security.

Profitability ─ Make sure both our own operations and our customers’ businesses are profitable in the long-term.