DeLaval sharpens its focus on health and safety

DeLaval operates in an industry challenged with many potentially dangerous situations. Not only in our industrial operations, with high and heavy lifting, with powerful machines and chemicals, but also for our sales staff, installation teams and service technicians on farms who often operate in remote and challenging conditions. Other risk areas in the workplace, including stress and professional conduct issues, impact the work environment and relate to everyone, regardless of location or area of expertise.

“To enable this ambition we have introduced a clear and mandatory reporting process for accidents and incidents for all employees to adhere to. In addition, there is a new governance structure in place, which includes the opportunity for all employees in DeLaval to have a say in how we can operate in the safest way possible,” says Ben Condon Occupational Health and Safety Director.

A new overall strategy and roadmap for Occupational Health and Safety has been developed with the end goal to changing at risk behaviours by focusing on improving and understanding safety culture within our organisation.

“Our ambition is to be a company that other companies look at as a good example in this area. This is a stretch goal, we are aware of that, but we believe we should aim high as this is extremely important,” says Valerie Binner, SVP HR.

Social and economic sustainability

The Occupational Health and Safety focus is part of our sustainability strategy. Based on direct customer insight and a materiality analysis, a new sustainability model was developed in 2019.

The model focuses on three main perspectives – Environment, Food and Animal Welfare, and Social and Economic.

Social sustainability involves respecting and advancing human rights as they are defined by the UN. Economic sustainability is how we create long-term economic growth without negatively impacting social or environmental sustainability. Our Corporate Governance framework including our Code of Business Conduct guides us in how to act sustainably, and in compliance with laws and ethical standards. Through innovation, we provide solutions to dairy farmers to make their lives easier and their farms more profitable whilst reducing their environmental impact.