DeLaval at the 2019 Annual European Dairy Farmers Congress

Every year, over 300 EDF members from all over Europe meet to discuss a specific topic and to learn about dairy farming in the host country. This year, the topic to discuss is “Efficient Farming on the Edge”, and the country hosting the event is Denmark.

DeLaval identifies farm efficiency as one of the four key farmer challenges, together with farm profitability, food safety and animal welfare. And so, DeLaval is supporting this year the European Dairy Farmers with a gold sponsorship, as in previous years, and will run a workshop among farmers on Cow Longevity during this year’s congress.

For many years now, DeLaval has run many events specifically on the this topic, on how to extend the productive lifetime of a cow by ensuring excellent cow comfort and management practices while supporting animal welfare. Throughout 2019, apart from the workshop run during the EDF congress, DeLaval will also hold a series of events around Europe on Cow Longevity, helping farmers not only improving the quality of life of the cows, but also the quality of life of people working in dairy production.

To know more about the planned Cow longevity events, please contact your local DeLaval representative.