DeLaval and IFAJ travel to Brazil for the 2018 Exposure-4-Development program


During the first week of April, DeLaval joined the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists in their trip to the Parana region of Brazil, for the Exposure-4-Development programme. This year, a group of selected journalists from countries all over the world such as Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, UK, Denmark, Finland, Canada and USA, travelled together to learn more about farms, processors and companies aiding in the agricultural infrastructure of Brazil. In past years, this programme has taken journalists to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and China.

During the one week programme, two days were focused on dairy farms and processors including Fazenda Fini, Fazenda ARM, Fazenda Rhoelandt, Fazenda Regia and Dairy Processors Frisia and Castrolanda.

“It is important to showcase the nutritional value of dairy as a key player in the challenge of providing nutrients to a growing world population. The Exposure-4-Development programme is an excellent initiative and a way to learn  how developing countries face the challenge of feeding the world,” says Lars Johansson, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications & Sustainability.