DeLaval is Showcasing its Latest Innovations at EuroTier 2018

These are DeLaval’s latest innovations showcasing at EuroTier 2018:

DeLaval VMS™ milking system V300

 The new DeLaval VMS V300 was launched on 26 June worldwide and offers up to 99 % teat spray hit rate, real quarter milking, up to 10 % higher capacity from previous model with lower running cost, up to 99.8 % attachment rate, up to 50 % faster attachment time, and a potential of over 3,500 kg of milk per day. Data collected on test and pilot farms.

The new VMS V300 helps farmers by making them less reliant on future labour market uncertainties and keeping them at the forefront of animal welfare and food safety.

The VMS V300 system comes with DeLaval InControl™, the new user interface allowing access to information and control of the system remotely. DeLaval PureFlow™, the new transparent teat preparation cup, is another new feature coming with the VMS V300. Lastly, DeLaval InSight™, the latest in vision technology for a smooth, fast and accurate attachment. 

DeLaval OptiDuo™

 DeLaval OptiDuo, also launched on 26 June, makes sure cows always have access to refreshed feed. Its technology allows remixing feed before moving it onto the feeding table. With its twin-spiralled rotating auger and adaptive drive function, all kinds of feed are repositioned onto the feeding table filling any gaps and ensuring that the strands of roughage remain intact. This means that lower ranked cows are not pushed to empty positions, reducing the competition and stress at the feeding table.

DeLaval OptiDuo has been designed with simple maintenance in mind. There are few parts that need to be changed, with no requirement for greasing. It is also available with DeLaval InService™ program, a solution where service, consumables, advisory and everything in between is available.  

DeLaval InService™ All-Inclusive

 This is the solution from DeLaval where service, consumables and advisory services are grouped into a fixed price. DeLaval InService provides farmers with time to focus on the business of dairy farming whilst reducing the risk of emergency breakdowns, slipping liners, clogging teat sprays nozzles, high bacteria counts and mastitis. DeLaval InService All-Inclusive is meant to provide farmers with the peace of mind they need and help them with a simpler budgeting. 

DeLaval DelPro™ farm management application Companion


 DelPro Companion is developed to work with farmers, not only displaying animal information but also supporting the working routines to record all the important events that happen throughout the day, as they happen. DelPro Companion allows immediate access to animal information via a mobile device wherever the farmer is. DelPro Companion automatically synchronises recent events between the mobile device and the farm server. This makes it possible to recall milking, feeding, body condition score, activity and all recorded events without any delay. Wherever the user is, the information needed is available to make the right decision and in real time. 

DeLaval Evanza™ milking cluster

  DeLaval Evanza milking cluster has the first cartridge liner in the world, including a Clover™ liner ensuring improved teat condition and comfort, and a new modularised cluster range. It offers twice the life time of our conventional liners. The service time is three times faster on average than a conventional liner, having an effortless cartridge exchange, twist to open, twist to close. DeLaval Evanza milking cluster provides improved working ergonomics together with, as seen in our test farms, an increase in milk flow of up to 9 %, higher yield up to 5 % and reduced milking time by up to 7 %.

In terms of sustainability, on top of longer exchange intervals, the new materials used in the cartridge are 100 % recyclable, preserving the environment.

The new DeLaval Evanza milking cluster can be used on any conventional milking system such as stanchion systems, parallel parlours, herringbone parlours, tandem parlours and rotaries. 

DeLaval Rotary milking system E100 


 DeLaval presents a complete rotary system designed for growing mid-size farms that purely focus on customers and animal‘s needs. The new Rotary E100 focuses on key areas of performance with its innovative features: 

  • DeLaval FastLane™ is designed to increase cow throughput on the exit and entry of the parlour, increasing efficiency.

  • DeLaval ComfortBail™ is a unique low profile bail providing a calmer milking process and increasing cow throughput.

  • DeLaval Cockpit™ puts the operator in control of the whole milking process and allows for a one-man operation rotary.   

DeLaval Parlour milking system P500 


 The latest parlour innovation from DeLaval will be released early in 2019. Representing a significant evolution in parallel parlours, DeLaval presents a new approach to moving cows calmly, quickly and efficiently through the milking process. The key features of the new Parlour P500 are: 

  • DeLaval SynchroArc™ space saving front end. It allows a gentle milking process from entry to exit. It increases milking routine efficiency all with a smaller footprint and less vertical space requirements.

  • DeLaval SynchroSweep™ independently controlled sequence gates. They create a quieter environment which improves cow entry, comfort and exit.

  • DeLaval SynchroControl™ system connected stall control. It allows safe, comfortable and efficient operation of the parlour at farmer’s reach. 

DeLaval sand stabilizer DSS11


 Customers are aware of the importance of proper resting area where mats and mattresses are part of the barn. This black sand-filled honeycomb stall mat is a natural and healthy resting experience for cows. With easy installation, high durability (high acid resistance), minimised risk of injury of cows and low maintenance, this is an ideal solution for loose housing barns. 

DeLaval automatic milking cow cooling


 Avoiding heat stress in the hot periods enables farms to retain winter milking production levels and prevents negative influence on feed intake, fertility and general health. Designed for automatic milking systems, this system comprises sprinklers and fans combined with sensors and a smart control unit to cool cows through evaporation of water on the skin of the cows. With the system of self-activation (patent pending), the cows quickly learn where they can find cooling, which is at the places where the farmer wants the cows to be. When the cow feels warm they go the feedline where they are rewarded with cooling and their appetite is stimulated. When they keep their food intake up , they will get the impulse to be milked; when going to the automatic milking system they are rewarded again with cooling, thus stimulating positive behaviour and keeping cows motivated to eat, rest and milk. 

DeLaval cubicle roll CR20


 The new cubicle roll CR20 is also designed for loose housing barns, specifically for barns with free hanging dividers. Especially meant for young stock and heifers, it has good slip resistance, is easy to clean and has a simple maintenance.  

DeLaval Clover™ liner


 Since its launch, the DeLaval Clover liner has proven to have better performance and to be an overall better alternative compared to conventional liners. It is designed to work for all systems, whether it is a parlour, rotary or an automatic milking system. And now, the new formulated and redefined design of the Clover liner brings even better performance than before. It offers faster milking, higher yield and the same udder health benefits from previous generation, helping farmers to overcome their daily challenges on animal welfare, work efficiency, food safety and farm profitability.


At EuroTier 2018, the DeLaval booth is located at the stand D25 and it will be the biggest booth in Hall 13. Stage events in German and English are scheduled during the whole week, where farmers and DeLaval experts will share their thoughts on how the latest innovations can help dairy farmers with their challenges in animal welfare, work efficiency, food safety and farm profitability.