DeLaval Introduces its New Robotic Feed Pusher, the DeLaval OptiDuo™

DeLaval OptiDuo makes sure cows always have access to refreshed feed. Its technology allows remixing feed before moving it onto the feeding table. With its twin-spiralled rotating auger and adaptive drive function, all kinds of feed are repositioned onto the feeding table filling any gaps and ensuring that the strands of roughage remain intact. This means that lower ranked cows are not pushed to empty positions, reducing the competition and stress at the feeding table.

“Technology such as this has the potential to ensure that dairy cows have continual access to a well-mixed diet. This should not only help to ensure maximal dry matter intake, but also help minimize feed sorting, and allow cows to use their time more efficiently. This leaves more time for lying down and ruminating”, says Dr. Trevor DeVries, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Dairy Cattle Behaviour and Welfare, University of Guelph.

DeLaval OptiDuo has the option to add a concentrate dispenser. It can also automatically handle different amounts of feed as well as several feed types, including any kind of total mix ratio (TMR), straw, hay or fresh grass.

Additionally, the DeLaval OptiDuo can be used in a wide range of situations, including barns with 5% slopes and different width alleys, as well as on farms with multiple barns.

DeLaval OptiDuo has been designed with simple maintenance in mind. There are few parts that need to be changed, with no requirement for greasing. It is also available with DeLaval InService™ program, a solution where service, consumables, advisory and everything in between is available

“Animal welfare, farm profitability, work efficiency and food safety are challenges that farmers around the globe face with increasing pressure. With DeLaval OptiDuo we aim to help them in every aspect by re-inventing the way we feed cows, allowing farmers to spend their time where they choose”, says Paul Löfgren, EVP Cluster Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

DeLaval OptiDuo™ is now available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. America, Asia and Oceania markets will follow shortly.

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