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Year: 2018

November 2018

CEJA and DeLaval Group announce partnership

Hanover, Germany, 15 November 2018 – CEJA and DeLaval announced a collaborative agreement at EuroTier, the world’s leading trade fair for animal production in Hanover, Germany. Both organisations initially worked together on a report titled “European Young Farmers: Building a Sustainable Sector” that was successfully launched during a conference at the European Parliament in September 2017.

DeLaval Doubles Manufacturing Capacity for the New VMS™ milking system V300

Stockholm, Sweden, 1 November 2018 – Customer demand for the new DeLaval VMS™ milking system V300 is above expectations. DeLaval has increased production capacity to meet this strong demand, making full use of its modernised facilities by increasing production personnel, adjusting Supply Chain planning and securing deliveries from suppliers.

September 2018

DeLaval is Showcasing its Latest Innovations at EuroTier 2018

Stockholm, Sweden, 21 September 2018 – On its path of relentless innovation, DeLaval is showing the latest innovations at EuroTier 2018, in Hanover. These latest innovative solutions are reinforcing DeLaval’s commitment to dairy farmers around the globe and leading progress in animal welfare, work efficiency, food safety and farm profitability.

June 2018

DeLaval Introduces its New Robotic Feed Pusher, the DeLaval OptiDuo™

Stockholm, Sweden, 27 June 2018 – DeLaval presents OptiDuo™, the new robotic feed pusher. DeLaval OptiDuo remixes and repositions feed onto the feed table. This new approach increases feed intake, reduces feed waste and helps farmers to use the time saved, on the jobs that make a difference to the farm.

DeLaval Introduces its New Robotic Milking System, the DeLaval VMS™ milking system V300

Stockholm, Sweden, 27 June 2018 – DeLaval announces its new VMS™ milking system V300, a new experience for cows and customers. The VMS V300 helps farmers by making them less reliant on future labour market uncertainties and keeping them at the forefront of animal welfare and food safety. The VMS V300 milking system ensures that dairy farming is a profitable option not only today but also for generations to come.