DeLaval Granted with First Position in German Agricultural Society (DLG) Image Barometer 2017

In the annual survey of the DLG, more than 650 German farmers were surveyed by telephone about their brand perception in seven different categories: agricultural technology, livestock technology, forage and equipment (animal), agrochemicals and seeds, banks and insurance companies, trade and service providers as well as renewable energies. The calculated brand index consists of the categories brand loyalty, brand knowledge, brand performance and brand image. A maximum score of 100 points can be achieved.

“Appreciation from farmers is always a great incentive for us to continue on this path. We are very pleased with this recognition and would like to thank all employees and partner dealerships for achieving such a fantastic result all together. Maintaining this strong position in the market is key to our collective success”, says Paul Löfgren, Executive Vice President, DeLaval Europe, Middle East and Africa.