EuroTier 2016: DeLaval reinforces its commitment to dairy farmers

Key theme at EuroTier 2016 is a meaningful extension of We live milk. In 2014, our innovations showcased profoundly focused on We live milk.  Now, in 2016 we spotlight this deeply-rooted devotion inherent in our customers, as they live milk. In essence validating our principles, not only as a researcher and developer of engineering integrated solutions for dairy producers and a trusted partner, but also cultivating a relationship linking knowledgeable service technicians, skilled engineers and a dedicated dealer network.Ultimately, this connectionties directly to our DeLaval vision, we make sustainable food production possible.

In 2016, farmers worldwide face similar challenges: farm profitability, food safety, animal welfare and work efficiency. At DeLaval, we deliver a diverse assortment of fully integrated solutions with a purpose to address these challenges.

During EuroTier 2016 we will feature our full range of benefits our solutions bring, below are some of the highlights our customers’ experience:

Farm profitability

10% higher milk yield thanks to better animal well-being

To be able to leave the farm to the next generation, Mr Seifried in Austria needed to improve profitability. He therefore expanded the herd from 15 to 54 cows. Equipment from DeLaval now helps him run the farm as efficiently as possible.

Part of the investment was a new barn with equipment from DeLaval. Thanks to the manure scraper, the swinging cow brush, water troughs and rubber mats that increase the cows’ well-being, Mr Seifried has increased milk yield by 10%.

Farm: Seifried

Location: Waldzell

Herd: 54 cows

Milking system: DeLaval herringbone parlour HB30 double6

Installed: 2013


I’m saving over 250 euros per cow per year by being able to quickly detect ketosis

Knowing the condition of your cows is important for many reasons. To act quickly, it is crucial to detect diseases and abnormalities as early as possible. Gerd Horsink in Esche Germany understands this very well. Thanks to DeLaval Herd Navigator™ he can quickly detect ketosis and save over 250 euros per cow.

In addition to ketosis the system can detect mastitis with an accuracy of 95%, and indicates when it is time to inseminate. The system increases profitability by approximately 250 euros per cow per year.

Farm: Horsink

Location: Esche

Herd: 140 cows

Milking system: DeLaval VMS™

Installed: 2015


Animal welfare

Hoof care issues reduced from 40% to 15%

Mr Sedlmair runs the farm together with his brother and parents. For three families to be able to live off the farm, income had to be increased. The family therefore doubled the size of the herd, from 150 to 300 cows.

One employee that definitely contributes to the profitability is DeLaval robot scraper RS420S. It not only saves time for the family, it has also reduced the problem of hoof infections from 40% to 15%.

Farm: Sedlmair

Location: Schwabhausen

Herd: 300 cows

Milking system: DeLaval herringbone parlour HDHB double 18

Installed: 2014


Happy cows produce more milk, it’s as easy as that

The Baldauf family in the German Alps has 70 dairy cows. It’s not only the automatic robotic milking system the cows like, they are also very fond of the cow brushes.

They can stand and be brushed for ten minutes. It keeps the animals both clean and calm. And happy cows produce more milk, it’s as easy as that.

Another advantage is that the brushes reduce the number of injuries as the cows don’t need to scratch themselves against sharp objects.

Farm: Baldauf

Location: Immenstadt

Herd: 70 cows

Milking system: DeLaval VMS™

Installed: 2014


Food Safety

I can discover changes in milk quality at an early stage

When Mr Espig at Bauernland AG wanted to increase the number of cows, he had to invest in new milking equipment. It was important to him that the system had true quarter milking. His choice was the DeLaval AMR™ (Automatic Milking Rotary).

Thanks to true quarter milking, he can follow up and analyse milk from every teat individually. He can quickly discover deviations in milk-out performance, flow speed, blood presence and udder conductivity levels.

Farm: Bauernland AG

Location: Waldkirchen

Herd: 600 cows

Milking system: DeLaval AMR™ 24

Installed: 2016


Work efficiency

I have reduced milking time by 2/3.

Mr Baldauf has increased his herd from 40 to 70 cows but still spends less time working in the barn. A voluntary milking system from DeLaval provides the answer.

Milking previously took two hours. Now that it is done automatically, he saves two thirds of the time. He appreciates not being restricted to specific times. And it also gives the family the opportunity to do other things.

Farm: Baldauf

Location: Immenstadt

Herd: 70 cows

Milking system: DeLaval VMS™

Installed: 2014


Good udder health takes several hours a day to maintain. Now the DeLaval AMR teat spray module handles that.

Using a teat dip after milking is a very effective way to prevent mastitis. Spraying manually is extremely time consuming. On the Bauernland AG farm in Waldkirchen, Germany they have streamlined the process.

“When we invested in new milking equipment, we also streamlined the process of spraying teats after milking, says Matthias Espig, Chairman of Bauernland AG. Our DeLaval AMR™ teat spray module works very effectively to ensure that it is always done well. And because the module sprays each teat automatically it reduces the workload significantly. Because of the separate teatspray module we do not risk that the milk is contaminated with any chemicals.”

Farm: Bauernland AG

Location: Waldkirchen

Herd: 600 cows

Milking systems: DeLaval AMR™

Installed: 2016


Find out more at our EuroTier 2016 press conference on Tuesday, November 15 at 08.15 at the DeLaval booth E33, Hall 13. During the press event DeLaval, its customers and experts will share their thoughts on how dairy farmers manage their farms in volatile market conditions. 


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