DeLaval showcases its latest innovations in herd health and optimizing milk quality at World Ag Expo, in Tulare CA, February 9-11

With a strong emphasis on boosting productivity through optimizing milk quality and herd health, each product solution will focus on improved sanitation for successful somatic cell count levels, predictive herd management for proactive decision making, enhanced milking performance and key performance indicators (KPIs) to empower management decisions. Some solutions include: 

  • Voluntary Milking System (VMS™) – DeLaval’s optimal robotic milking system with Smart Pulsation. VMS delivers higher levels of performance designed for profitable dairies where efficiency and cow comfort are the main drivers.
  • A complete line of NPE-free iodine teat dips. With more than 25 years of proven efficacy, the NPE-free iodine dips help producers comply with several leading processor mandates.
  • Interactive Data Display (IDD) – A computer touch screen that provides real time information from all connected milking points. Used on heavy-duty PR3100HD external rotary parlors, it enables operators to make informed decisions about individual cows on the go.
  • Teat Spray Robot (TSR™) and its approved line of highly effective teat dips. TSR helps reduce labor and improve consistency on rotary parlors. Learn how it can help milk up to 200 cows per hour per person.
  • Clean in Place (CIP) detergent solutions designed to reduce water consumption, energy usage and down time.
  • Body Condition Scoring (BCS™) – the award-winning system that provides automated body condition scoring. Winner of World Ag Expo’s Top Ten Innovation awards in 2015, the BCS delivers consistent and accurate scoring for optimal herd management decisions.
  • Herd Navigator, now available in the USA for use with VMS – the industry’s most advanced fully automated cow monitoring system. Helping detect up to 95% of heats and catch cases of mastitis up to three days before physical symptoms appear, it truly shifts herd management from being reactive to proactive.
  • DelPro™– DeLaval’s proprietary herd management software that consolidates data in user-friendly formats. It provides an immediate overview of herd management.
  • OceanBlu™ – the latest addition to DeLaval’s wide assortment of teat dips. Based on revolutionary GlyTec™ technology, OceanBlu is effective, gentle and easy to use.

A more extensive list of individual products on display may be found here