DeLaval Hoof Forum in Gent, Belgium, brings together hoof health management experts

The discussion continued on how a complete approach could be established. This resulted in defining a five point plan to control digital dermatitis on dairy farms. 

The purpose of the five-point plan is to look at the whole farm and control all factors that impact digital dermatitis risk. The five-point plan to control digital dermatitis could help farmers, vets and hoof care specialists to further improve the digital dermatitis situation on farm. The general five-point plan was further detailed to ensure a more complete approach and continuous follow up. The team of experts concluded that this program will be presented to various stakeholders in the industry to ensure implementation and fine-tuning. The final complete plan will be officially released at the Cattle Lameness Conference in April at Worcester – UK.

All present experts unanimously appreciated the DeLaval initiative.“It was a smashing day, very well organized. I think it was a very interesting and instructive meeting. The discussions are good, and getting something on paper with the group is even better, and we managed to do so,” says Piet Kloosterman, one of the participating experts. “I will join the group and say that I am really glad that we got the five points down and now have a document to work with,” Nynne Capion, another specialist, added.

DeLaval would like to thank all participating experts for their great contribution; Christer Bergsten (SE); Roger Blowey (UK); Nynne Capion (DK); Andrea Fiedler (DE); Menno Holzhauer (NL); Piet Kloosterman (NL); Anne Relun (FR)

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