DeLaval commits to reduce the use of antibiotics in milk production

The development of multi-resistant bacteria is one of the biggest threats to global health according to the WHO. To increase awareness of the consequences of antibiotic resistance among the general public, politicians and decision-makers around the world, WHO today launch World Antibiotic Awareness Week. 

Through advanced technology and services, DeLaval, worldwide leader in milking equipment, provides dairy farmers with the tools for prevention and early detection of illnesses among their herd, thus reducing unnecessary antibiotics entering the food chain for animals and humans.

Earlier this year, DeLaval presented results from a customer survey showing that 60 percent of their current customers in Sweden, Finland, Canada and the Netherlands have reduced their use of antibiotic by using a DeLaval milk analysis tools for early detection of mastitis.

“We recognise the threat antibiotics resistance pose to our society and as a leading player in the global dairy industry, it is our responsibility to do what we can to support the reduction of antibiotics in dairy farming. By continuing to develop innovative solutions to promote animal health, we are therefore confident that we can, and are, paving the way for a more sustainable milk production.” says Joakim Rosengren, President & CEO, DeLaval International AB.

DeLaval has a range of solutions to detect and manage mastitis, ranging from teat dips to a mastitis index tool on its high range milking robot, DeLaval VMS™. Mastitis is one of the main causes for usage of antibiotics in herds. For the full report click here.

At the sixty-eighth World Health Assembly in May 2015, a global action plan was endorsed to tackle the growing problem of resistance to antibiotics and other antimicrobial medicines.

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