DeLaval updates its submersible pumps range, making them more robust and long-lasting than ever

DeLaval offers a stainless steel pump that is particularly useful in areas of high acidity such as pressed water from silage or urine drainage. The stainless steel pumps are also lighter than the rest of the DeLaval line making them easier to move. All the pumps are, however, mobile, easy to install and easy to operate. The durable cast-iron pumps have their motor placed in an oil-bath ensuring that the pump can work in tough environments without overheating.  The cast-iron pumps can also deal with thicker water and are often used in slurry pits and similarly difficult conditions.

“No. They don’t tap-dance, they don’t sing. They work efficiently and effectively doing an extremely important job, night and day for years and years,” says Eva Ramvall, Head of Farm Supplies at DeLaval. “It’s obviously critical to be able to remove sewage water, urine or even liquid-rich manure on a farm, so that everything can function smoothly. It’s not a glamorous product in that sense but it is an important one which is why we place such an emphasis on having robust and hard-working pumps. ”

DeLaval’s newly updated line of submersible pumps are intended to improve upon the already reliable pumps that they have been offering the market for years. “Our pumps should go unnoticed. They should just work and work and work,” says Ramvall. “Nobody wants a pump breaking down. All our pumps are easily moved but we don’t want farmers having to move them unnecessarily so we make sure they are reliable, do the job excellently and let the farmer think about other matters so that they can run their farm better.”

All the pumps are available for sale within the EU where they have been certified.