DeLaval launches game changing innovations at EuroTier 2014, to improve milking performance, reduce energy costs and to enhance cow welfare

DeLaval is about commitment and customer focus, every hour, every day, every week, all year round. It is about having an unparalleled understanding of the needs of cows and the individual challenges faced by farmers and having the solution in place to meet and overcome them.

“I am pleased with the new innovations we are showcasing at EuroTier,” says Joakim Rosengren, President and CEO DeLaval. “We have and continue to devote all our energies, knowledge and creative problem-solving to making dairy farming more efficient, productive and sustainable. With 130 years of milking technology some say we have milk in our veins. In essence, we live milk.”

EuroTier is a key event for DeLaval as, being Europe’s largest livestock show, it brings the industry’s main players together and presents an opportunity to meet our customers and share our products. Together, we shape the future of our industry.

At EuroTier 2014 DeLaval is showcasing the following key innovations:

DeLaval InService™ Remote– silver medal winner for innovations

DeLaval InService™ Remote secures dairy farm equipment performance by remote monitoring 24/7.  The system measures and calculates alarms for corrective action on the farm to maintain optimal milking standards. Monitoring and maintaining the correct vacuum and pulsation levels contribute to a better yield, optimised throughput and maintained udder health. In addition, this results in reduced medical and veterinary costs.

DeLaval cow LED CL6000/CL 9000increases milk production by up to 10% and saves energy costs by 75%

DeLaval cow LED CL6000/CL 9000, the first and only barn illumination, which is led by the needs of cows rather than the requirements of humans.  DeLaval has adapted the light in matter of wave lengths and light distribution to what cows need. This simple fact will lead to a 75% reduction in energy costs while keeping a 7-10% increase in milk production.

DeLaval body condition scoring BCS – take the guess work out of scoring your cow

DeLaval body condition scoring BCS is the first system that automatically generates body condition scores of a walking cow. This provides farmers, vets and feed advisors daily body condition scoring from the complete herd – taking away the guess work. The system can be used to monitor individual cows, groups and herds to adjust feed management and to bring it to optimum efficiency impacting farm profitability.

DeLaval cell counter ICC -measure your somatic cell count quickly, saving time and money

DeLaval cell counter ICC – a quick and easy tool to measure somatic cell count SCC in milk. The ICC test is fast and convenient. It is done in only 45 seconds, as opposed to days and instantly gives the farmer the result of the SCC value and a picture of the milk sample. This saves time and money. It works in conjunction with an iPhone, iPod Touch and the DeLaval ICC app.

DeLaval mini swinging brush MSB – improve calf and goat health

DeLaval mini swinging brush MSB, this new brush has been exclusively developed and designed for calves and goats. It improves calf and goat health and keeps them calm and clean. The brush is energy efficient, with its 24V motor located in the cylinder and is adaptable in height to adjust to the size of the fast growing animals.

DeLaval MidiLine™ swingarm MSA30 – optimal tube alignment in swing over parlours

DeLaval MidiLine™ swingarm MSA30 – the new integrated MidiLine™ swingarm MSA30 incorporates an ACR cylinder, milk and air tubing, comfort start and indicator lamp into a single aluminimum design. It provides optimal tube alignment in swing over parlours, thus improving milking routines and ergonomics.

DeLaval cluster support arm CSA20 – improve ergonomic conditions for milkers

DeLaval cluster support arm CSA20 – practical and clever for high quality milking performance. The new cluster support arm CSA20 from DeLaval combines a slim functional design, improved milkers’ ergonomics and milking performance into one solution. It is like a helping hand: with its multi-joint design, it mimics the human arm following the movement of milkers as they guide and support clusters to and from the udder. Due to its smooth flexible action, DeLaval CSA20 is able to follow every small movement made by cows during milking too.

DeLaval Harmony ™ Clover edition – the best got better!

Since DeLaval introduced the Harmony™ cluster 20 years ago, it has gained a reputation of very highest performance milking as well as being one of the most hygienic, durable and easiest to use clusters on the market. DeLaval Harmony™ unique top-unloading claw (Patented DeLaval Top Flow technology) combined with large diameter, free-flow DeLaval Harmony™ is now combined with the DeLaval  Clover™ liner.

DeLaval milking point MP170 – less is more!

The new milking point MP170 is the simple step to Herd Management. It is the brother of MP150 and the logical step forward after take offs. It’s the way to collect yields and cow numbers and built an accurate database to help you managing your herd in a simple way using ALPRO™ herd management software.

DeLaval adaptive flow controlled cooling – adjust your cooling capacity to match tank conditions

DeLaval adaptive flow controlled cooling AFCC-most cooling devices function at full capacity regardless of milk volume. Adaptive FCC can adapt its capacity to match conditions in the tank thus eliminating freezing risk while keeping cooling times short.

EuroTier 2014 visitors are invited to see these key innovations in action at the DeLaval booth, Hall 27, stand H39.

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Technical specifications:


DeLaval InService™ Remote

Features and benefits:

  • Sensors are installed on vacuum systems and pulsators.
  • Monitors performance remotely 24/7.
  • Sends data and alarms to both farmer and DeLaval.
  • Data is transferred to a cloud service.
  • Accessible via web portal with desktop, tablet or smart phone.
  • Any indication of decreasing performance or incorrect values in for example pulsation or vacuum level will be flagged as pushed alarms and/or notifications.
  • The system measures and calculates alarms for corrective action on the farm to keep optimal milking standards.
  • InService™ Remote will be modular and possible to upgrade with more sensors over time.

DeLaval cow LED CL6000 and DeLaval cow LED CL9000

Features and benefits:

  • Right light distribution, which-boosts milk production and secures cow comfort.
  • It creates significant savings on maintenance costs (65%) due to the durability of LED lights.
  • The right colour mix and batwing distribution leads to 75%energy saving compared to today’s HID lamps, while maintaining increased milk performance.
  • The included observation light (night light) secures optimal work conditions for people.

DeLaval body condition scoring BCS

Features and benefits:

  • Provides early warnings when cows are about to lose too much body condition in early lactation and hence risk not achieving peak milk yield later on in lactation.
  • Secures cows maintain a  good body condition early on in lactation allowing them to get pregnant in time.
  • Warns for underfeeding or overfeeding of cows, giving the possibility to adjust feed ration, or to move cows to another group.
  • BCS enables the farmer to maximise feed efficiency.
  • Avoids cows becoming too fat at calving, which can lead to a higher risk of acquiring metabolic disorders like ketosis into the new lactation.

DeLaval cell counter ICC

Features and benefits:

  • Measures SCC level on udder or quarter milk sample at cow side.
  • Provides instant result to make fast decisions.
    Continuous use helps improving udder health of the herd.
    Monitors the treatment progress of mastitis cases.
    Helps controlling SCC level at herd level to ensure premium payment for milk.

DeLaval mini swinging brush MSB

Features and benefits:

  • Free Swinging
  • Energy efficient 24V motor located in the cylinder
  • Starts with a slight touch
  • Turns in both directions
  • Adaptable in height for fast growing calves
  • Improves overall animal health

DeLaval MidiLine™ swingarm MSA30

Features and benefits:

  • Optimal tube alignment to improving milking routines and ergonomics
  • High efficiency of labour
  • A tidy system solution valued with pride and modern design
  • Seamless integration with with DelPro farm manager, identification, milk metering and MPCs including the new MPC170
  • Easily upgradeable

DeLaval cluster support arm CSA20

Features and benefits:

  • Less strenuous milking operation for milker’s back and shoulders, resulting in less illness and occupational injuries, higher efficiency and a more attractive work place.
  • Better cluster positioning which leads to better milking performance and/or more milk.
  • Better udder health for higher quality milk.
    Upgradability since it can be installed on existing herring bone parlours and rotaries.

DeLaval Harmony ™ Clover edition

Features and benefits:

  • Highest performance milking, ultrafast milk evacuation with claw clear from flooding and high vacuum stability
  • Maximum teat gentleness, full contact and grip ensuring optimal udder health.
  • Light weight, perfectly balanced and easy to work with, as well as being rugged, durable and long lasting.

DeLaval milking point MP170

Features and benefits:

  • Smart user interface providing clear feedback to the milker
  • Herd management capable: Monitors which cow is up or down in milk yield and informs about latest event for each cow
  • With DeLaval milk meter MM27BC it helps protect udder health limiting the risk of mastitis and consequently veterinary costs, loss of income and fertility problems.
  • Robust design suitable for all duty use

DeLaval adaptive flow controlled cooling AFCC

Features and benefits:

  • Suitable for family sized dairy operations with automated milk solutions.
  • The risk of locally freezing milk (harmful for milk quality) is eliminated.
  • Faster cooling time – improved milk quality preservation.


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