First commercially sold DeLaval voluntary milking system in China now operational

Two DeLaval VMS™ Supra models have been in operation since August 14 at the Beijing Dairy Cattle Centre farm, a major player in dairy development in the country.

These are DeLaval’s commercially sold and operational milking robots in the country. Only one other voluntary milking system is in operation in China. It was donated in 2009 to a customer affected by the devastating earthquake in the Sichuan province back in 2008.

The prestigious Beijing Dairy Cattle Centre was recognised as China’s first authorised cattle breeding station in 1973. Today it is a subsidiary company of Beijing “SanYuan” Breeding Technology, a market-leading enterprise that makes top-level bovine genetics and services available to its customers.

“We are extremely pleased to be trusted by such an important and well known player in the Chinese dairy farming industry,” says René Kolbach, Solution Manager VMS & InService.
“This is a major milestone for DeLaval in China and we look forward to making this the start of a successful journey in automatic milking in this dynamic and promising dairy farming market”.

In China, there are about 14 million total cows, and nearly 7 million milking cows. The Chinese government considers milk to be an important part of the young person’s diet, and this, combined with the increasing western influence, is bringing an 8% – 10% yearly increase in dairy production. Production in China is changing rapidly and it will continue to do so in the near future, according to Milk Quality in China, an insightful study by Lior Yaron, Director Global Customer Support, and Lynda McDonald, Milk Quality Manager LSO China. Read more.