Three DeLaval farms nominated for British Farming Awards 2014

In the category of Dairy Innovator of the Year, dairy producers who are positive about the future of the industry and are working to build a successful and profitable enterprise are shortlisted.

Phil Halhead from Norbreck Farm runs a 15 unit DeLaval Midiline parlour and is the largest exporter of pedigree breeding cattle in the UK. In his dairy operation, he has focued on TMR and mixed forages as well as three time milkings. He’s also been prioritising staff motivation and development.

James Tomlinson from Bilsborrow Hall Farm runs a 12 unit tandem DeLaval parlour. He also breeds cows for genetics and the prefix is well known for quality throughout the cattle breeding industry. The 260-strong herd is achieving 10,942kg milk at 4.3% fat and 3.10% protein on two-times milking, and has twice been runner up in the prestigious Gold Cup Award.

In the category Renewables Innovator of the Year awards will be given to farmers who have diversified into green energy and are reaping the rewards both financially and environmentally. James Kirk from Heanton Barton Farm has been capturing energy from the sun and harvesting rain water. He runs a DeLaval robotic milking facility powered by electricity from solar panels which has not only dramatically reduced the farm’s energy bill, but also its carbon footprint.

The British Farming awards are about recognising farmers who are taking positive steps to achieving a bigger and better business thanks to the innovations they have made. New machinery, new approaches to livestock or crop production or adapting to new research and technology are areas considered in the nominations.

The winners will be announced at the prize giving ceremony on the 23rd October 2014. You can follow the discussion on their Facebook Page.