Why we’re talking about the Clover™ liner at the NMC

Together our team of experts continues to prove that with innovative thinking even small changes can deliver huge results. The Clover™ liner is one such example.

Recently the CloverTM liner made its debut to the UK market when an estimated 16,000 visitors attended Livestock 2014 – the biggest livestock B2B trade event in the UK.

In a product category that typically includes three shapes in design, DeLaval’s Clover™ liner offers a fourth option similar to the most popular shaped liners (the triangle) but with a few crucial differences. The rounded corners of the Clover™ enables full teat contact with no air gaps, ensuring optimal vacuum levels reducing the occurrence of slippage. Slippage often happens towards the end of a milking when the teat canal is open at its widest point making the cow vulnerable to udder infection.

Last year, Andrew Butler and his family at Lower Barker Farm in Preston were given the opportunity to trial run the Clover™ liner and experience firsthand the benefits of this new design. After using DeLaval’s new Clover™ liners in their Harmony™ clusters for just six months, this third generation of dairy farmers has seen milking times of their 380-strong herd decrease by at least 15 minutes, without compromising on milk yield.

While the Butlers’ main reason for introducing the Clover™ liner was to increase cow comfort, the improved grip on the teats has very likely contributed to the considerable reduction in somatic cell count and incidence of mastitis.

“Since switching liners, we only have the rare case of mastitis,” says Andrew. “Now, we can go for at least 3 weeks without one case – very unusual for a herd of this size. It was common for us to have 2 or 3 a week so this is a huge saving on vet bills and teat condition is fantastic! We will definitely be staying with the Clover™ liner.”

Mastitis is a pressing concern for dairy farmers all over the world and one of our top priorities.

The forthcoming NMC regional meeting will be held in Ghent, Belgium 4th- 6th of August. DeLaval will be both sponsoring and hosting its own event. Our speakers Nils Älveby, Tom Hemling, A.J. Bradley, Rupert Bruckmaier and Johanna F.Besier will be contributing with their collective expertise on the subject of “Proper Milk Extraction” this includes a talk about the Clover™ liner.