DeLaval VPR 200 means optimum operation

DeLaval VPR 200 is the key to preventive maintenance, which means few equipment failures. Coupled with the Parlor Analysis and Simulation Service tool PASS, and the InService programme, DeLaval helps ensure that farms run optimally.

DeLaval research also shows that VPR200 and PASS can help farmers increase milk yields as much as 5,5  percent and milking time as much as 30 percent.

By taking care of machinery and preventing emergencies, a farmer can contribue to sustainiability goals of doing more with less. The need for emergency replacements is reduced and at the same time both yield and quality of the milk is increased.

VPR 200 helps farmers analyse every aspect of milking. When connected to PASS, the VPR 200 also measures work time, routines and cow flow and can provide detailed reports that help optimise operations and monitor equipment to avoid problems.

The VPR 200 is robust and can withstand tough barn environments. It can be connected to the Internet, allowing farmers to watch instructional videos and share data with InService technicians.

See a film on DeLaval VPR 200 here