DeLaval hosts forum on mastitis prevention and control in China

DeLaval took the opportunity to introduce its valuable experience on mastitis management – especially for mega farms in the EU and US. The specific industry topics, milk quality, dynamic dairy management and cow longevity, attracted more than 300 people at the summit.  Mr. Gu Jicheng, Secretary-General of the Dairy Association of China (DAC), opened the summit together with Bill Chen, Managing Director LSO China.

The themes of the summit were Discover the Secret of Mastitis Control and Prevention on US Mega Farms and Understanding the Significance of Cow Longevity in Europe.  Professor Jim Cullor from UC Davis University, California, Mr. William Smith from LSO China Farm Management and Mr. Huang Hongwei from LSO China Solution delivered presentations to the industry staff. 

“We want customers to understand their responsibility in the food chain and understand the relationship between mastitis and milk quality and what extra profit proper mastitis management can deliver to t the farm,” Coco Zong, Marketing Manager commented. “We also want customers to understand that what DeLaval delivers to them is not limited to only milking equipment but also the support of farm management service.”

With this seminar, DeLaval introduced the concepts of cow longevity into the Chinese dairy industry. A technical column in the China Dairy Cattle magazine was also published and together the two initiatives will contribute significantly to the sustainable development of this growing industry. In addition, the seminar acted as a warm up for the DeLaval cow longevity seminar to be held at the end of the year.
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