Norway leads the field in Remote Farm Connection sales

Back in November 2013 it was reported that 2,000 units had been installed worldwide. Now there are more than 2,600 installations and Norway, with just 250,000 cows, has emerged as a key player in the success story of the DeLaval remote farm connection RFC solution. Norway alone now counts for 500 installations of DeLaval RFC.

RFC is a farm monitoring tool designed to save farmers time and money. Now advice can be given and problems solved remotely, without technicians and professionals having to travel long distances to farms. RFC works with a secure internet connection via a Cisco RV082 Dual WAN VPN Router (shown above) to enable farmers to check on their farms from a distance. It also allows experienced DeLaval engineers and technicians to provide support from anywhere in the world. In addition, veterinarians, nutritionists and even financial advisors can access the system and also provide virtual support.

“This solution enables us to support our farmer customers to a much greater extent than before,” says Shaul Tcherikover, Farm Management Support Systems. “We can support the farmer more rapidly and more accurately than before as we are no longer confined to actual visits if we require farm data to make a decision.”