Introducing DeLaval DelPro™ Farm Manager: An advanced farm management system

Launched at the EuroTier exhibition in Hanover, Germany (Nov. 13 – 16), DelPro Farm Manager integrates DeLaval milking, feeding and automation systems together in one centralized system. It will be available starting in the Northern Hemisphere in December 2012.

The new system has strong analytical power, an easy-to-use interface and includes new modules for managing health, reproduction, feeding, veterinary care, labour and parlour performance.

“The key to managing a successful dairy is in having a complete picture of the operation at any moment, which goes way beyond separate sets of data for individual aspects of the farm. DelPro Farm Manager provides all-in-one intelligent reports with aggregated and analyzed information to help the farmer manage risk, optimize returns and improve efficiency,” says Fernando Mazeris, Director of Farm Management Support Systems at DeLaval.

For example, the system’s reports for vet visits, timed AI and vaccinations are practical tools to help farmers manage more efficiently. Furthermore, with the addition of DeLaval Herd Navigator – an advanced milk analysis tool – farmers are able to program and customize their standard operating procedures using DelPro Farm Manager. The system communicates with Herd Navigator on what action to take with each individual animal in the herd.

DelPro Farm Manager works with all DeLaval milking solutions – voluntary milking system VMS, stanchion barn milking units, parlours and rotaries, including automatic milking rotary AMR. Its flexibility extends to any herd size, and farmers can change or upgrade their equipment without having to change farm management systems. 

With an internet connection, users of the new software package can keep a virtual eye on their operation anytime, anywhere with DeLaval Remote Farm Connection – a secure way to also let advisors and technicians view in real-time the farm’s progress. DelPro Farm Manager can be interfaced using a PC, laptop and touch screen. A smartphone app is available for VMS.

Current customers can easily upgrade their system to DelPro Farm Manager. It will be available starting in the Northern Hemisphere and everywhere else after July 2013. 

For more information, please visit us at EuroTier, DeLaval stand number 27-H34 Hall/open air area 27, or contact:

Shaul Tcherikover
Business Development Manager, Farm Management & Automation
Farm Management Support Systems
DeLaval International

To schedule a one-on-one interview with a DeLaval expert during EuroTier, please contact public relations representative Elizabeth Healey (, +46 766 33 52 10).

 DelPro Farm Manager

DeLaval at EuroTier
The demand for more food will continue to increase reaching twice as much as today by 2050. In order to reach that level, it will require a complete new way to look at food production. It will require many individuals and companies to add their efforts. At DeLaval, we believe that it is time to look at things differently, time to make sustainable food production possible. Using the most advanced herd management software to increase the productivity of the farm is essential. So is setting extra efforts to increase the health of the herd with advanced hygiene products and consumables plus removing physically demanding efforts from the operators and working on the social dimension. This is what we believe.

Come and see us at EuroTier, stand number 27-H34 Hall/Open air area 27.

About DeLaval
DeLaval is a leading supplier of solutions that improve the performance of farms of professional food producers. We support our customers in reducing their environmental footprint while improving food production, profitability and the well-being of the people and animals involved. We offer products, systems and services for all steps of milk production. Our solutions are used by millions of dairy farmers around the globe every day.

DeLaval was founded more than 125 years ago in Sweden, when the visionary Gustaf de Laval patented the cream separator. Today, DeLaval has 4500 employees and operates in more than 100 markets. DeLaval, alongside Tetra Pak and Sidel, is part of the Tetra Laval Group.