DeLaval Tumba Factory wins The Swedish Lean Awards 2012

“Four years ago we set up a vision to be the world’s best factory, so winning The Swedish Lean Prize is a well earned verification of the commitment of our staff. Our work with Lean has made production more effective and has helped us to strengthen our competitiveness on a very tough global market”, says Anders Iveberg, Factory Manager at the DeLaval Tumba factory.

DeLavals work with Lean started in 2008 and the company defines its work with Lean as delivering value while maximizing flow at the pull of the customer demand while continuously striving for perfection. Practically it means to only do things that create value for the customer, and eliminate everything that does not. This has resulted in a more secure working environment, higher quality products and higher accuracy in delivery as well as reduced product cost.  

“We have reached the goals we set when we started our work with Lean, but it doesn’t end here. We have to keep improving and keep looking for ways to advance. Four years from now, we want to be able to look back and see that we have learned things since then,” concludes Anders Iveberg.

For more information, please contact:
Anders Iveberg, Factory Manager, DeLaval Tumba
Tel +46 8 530 661 22
Mobile +46 705 98 98 12