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Year: 2011

December 2011

DeLaval introduces ISO identification for all VMS barn systems

Stockholm, Sweden (December 20, 2011). DeLaval Voluntary Milking System VMS™ units can now be offered with ISO identification. The product which is based on several years of development and testing is in line with expected lifetime traceability legislation and will enable farmers to take advantage of the cost efficiency of the ISO identification system.

November 2011

Torp Farm in Sweden: Smart Farming in action

Månstad, Sweden (May 10th 2011). Swedish milk producers Patrik and Elin Johansson prove that a holistic and automated approach to dairy farming is a reality. On Torp farm, Smart Farming is the key to long-term business profitability, expansion opportunities and sustainability.

October 2011

September 2011

DeLaval equips largest livestock research centre in Europe at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

Stockholm, Sweden (September 20th 2011). At the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences´ new Swedish Livestock Research Centre at Uppsala-Lövsta, international and private enterprise researchers will be offered a unique research environment, where new animal production technologies can be researched and tested. The facility will conduct research of the highest quality in animal welfare, animal health, climate-smart animal management and sustainable food production. DeLaval has won the bid to supply the Swedish Livestock Research Centre with equipment.