Agricultural press awards DeLaval AMR™, “Innovation of the Year 2011” at EuroTier

The DeLaval AMR™, official EuroTier 2010 Gold Medal winner, has also been awarded “Innovation of the Year 2011” in the category milking technique, a prize given by 15 European publications of the dlv German Agriculture Publishing Group. Top agricultural media outlets from Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia and The Netherlands are behind this press organization.

“We see how interesting and useful this innovation is for our readers. We are the product specialists and for us the AMR™ is surely one of the most interesting products on this fair. That was our motivation to award the DeLaval AMR™ with our top prize,” Markus Pahlke, news editor at Germany’s dlz magazine, said after handing over the award to Andrew Turner, DeLaval Vice President Business Area Capital Goods.

“It is fantastic to win a prize from the journalists as they can be the most critical audience and obviously they’ve been impressed by the DeLaval  AMR™. I think that what everybody recognizes is that it’s a true innovation, a true break with the traditional way in which things are done and, hopefully, it’s also a true vision of where the future is going,” Turner said.

Joakim Rosengren, DeLaval President and CEO, accepted the official award at the evening ceremony and expressed his appreciation on receiving this prestigious recognition.

The new DeLaval system will be flexible enough to operate in different farming practices, from free stalls and loose housing to pasture based dairying. It will be available in selected markets in 2011.

According to DeLaval, with their new automatic milking rotary on-farm profitability will be boosted because the system will allow farmers to reduce milking labour or shift those workers to perform more stimulating tasks. Also because they will have lower milk harvesting costs and will get more milk per hour and of a better quality. Farm management will be enhanced by making farms more attractive for employees, giving farmers more time to drive their business and allowing them to focus more on animal welfare aspects. As for the third key customer benefit the company highlights, flexibility, the DeLaval AMR™ will suit all types of farming operations, allow for a modular approach to functionality and for scalability to expand as business grows.

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