DeLaval 16-VMS farm ranks among top in Russian region

Cow traffic in the 1150-head Rakhimovo farm is managed by DeLaval’s Feed First and Smart Selection Gate systems. Two people, only one in the barn, supervise the huge robotic complex.

“We chose DeLaval to deliver the 16-VMS operation because of their leadership in large scale automation technology and their experience as a complete supplier of modern dairying solutions. We’ve been running this farm for over a year and we are seeing great results in terms of milk quality and volume. We look forward to continuing the relationship with DeLaval by adding more stations to our growing operation in the future,” main Rakhimovo’s owner Farid Rakhimov said.

Running a mega-farm had always been Rakhimov’s ambition, he explains. A Rakhimovo Farm delegation decided to visit a DeLaval 20-VMS ‘multibox’ installation to see if that was the right option for their business. “We went to the Mason Dixon Farm in Pennsylvania (USA), the world’s largest voluntary milking system set up to see how DeLaval had solved project design, herd management and the overall set of solutions for a large scale operation and decided to partner with them,” Rakhimov added.

DeLaval has set up many VMS operations in CIS member countries since the VMS was launched in the region 3 years ago. These include ‘single box’ installations for family farms as well as ‘multibox’ installations to suit large scale operations like Rakhimovo’s. 

The DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS allows for round the clock milking designed to optimize quality milk yield. VMS helps farm managers run more sustainable, professional and productive dairy operations. DeLaval recently launched the next version of its voluntary milking system at the EuroTier tradeshow in Hannover. The VMS 2011 offers smarter technologies, added system integration possibilities and further upgradability options.

In addition, the company unveiled the industry first automatic milking rotary, the DeLaval AMRTM. “We are proud to have broadened automatic milking alternatives for milk producers across all farming segments and herd sizes,” Hällman said.

The DeLaval AMRTM was awarded the EuroTier 2010 Gold Medal for innovation and “Innovation of the Year 2011”, a prize given by 15 European publications of the dlv German Agriculture Publishing Group [2] .


 [1]According to Unimilk Volga’s Monthly Reports. Danone’s Unimilk is a leading milk processor and manufacturer of dairy products and baby food in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. The report includes all Unimilk customers in the area and measures milk quality, fat, protein, bacteria and somatic cell count. There are more than 500 dairies in Tatarstan.

 [2] Top agricultural media outlets from Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia and The Netherlands are behind this press organization.

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