DeLaval reveals EuroTier Smart Farming showcase

“We want visitors to our booth to explore how DeLaval can support dairy farmers in reaching long-term profitable development. And we know that success is more than robots. DeLaval Smart Farming™ concept enhances global farm profitability, and herd management is the stepping stone,” DeLaval Vice President Marketing and Communications Benoît Passard said.

The first stop in the DeLaval Smart Farming™ tour at EuroTier is herd management because knowledge is key. In the spotlight are Herd Navigator™ and DelPro™ 3.0 Herd Management System. Herd Navigator™ lifts heat detection rates to up to 98% with in line sampling it sends early alerts on main health problems, and can bring net profit improvement potential for farmers of 250 to 350 Euro per cow per year. The DelPro™ 3.0 combines all sensor, real time and herd management data to support dairy farmers be in total control of their herd profitability.

The next stop is feeding. Profitability is boosted by optimizing the animal’s nutrition and controlling input costs. On display will be Optifeeding™, an automated system that loads, cuts, mixes and distributes the right balanced feed for each cow or group of cows automatically – day and night – saving dairy farmers up to 3 hours labour time every day.

World debut of the first ever automatic milking rotary

“Profitability is not about how many cows farmers milk but how they milk them,” Passard underlined. The milking area will showcase different smart milking systems including the industry-first automatic milking rotary, DeLaval AMR™. “Adding this revolutionary solution to our existing DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS makes us at DeLaval the Home of Automation,” he added.

Also on display will be the company’s next release of the DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS, the VMS 2011, and the heavy duty DeLaval herringbone rotary HBR.

Cooling, milk quality, animal welfare and services complete the 7 areas of profitability. Some of the solutions DeLaval will feature in these areas are: cooling and cleaning systems designed to boost both capacity and energy efficiency; the latest version of the DeLaval swinging cow brush that keeps cows happier, healthier and more productive; and a hoof care solution that combines hoof pre-cleaning detergent, sustainable non-copper treatment and an automated application to reduce water consumption. The company’s InService™ programme, designed to help farmers save up to 5 Euro in subsequent expenses for every Euro spent on preventive maintenance will also be showcased.

“We are convinced that total farm profitability is more than just automation. It is about creating an on-farm integrated profit-driving system that embraces much more than milking. We want our EuroTier exhibit to showcase all the key elements and areas we believe dairy farmers should focus on to achieve that goal,” Passard concluded.

Around 1,700 exhibitors from 46 countries will present at EuroTier 2010. Come visit us and talk to our experts to discover more!

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