DeLaval announces world’s first Automatic Milking Rotary

The DeLaval automatic milking rotary AMR™ will be the company’s most advanced milking technology for owners of larger herds. The system will be a revolutionary automatic milking solution which is flexible enough to operate in different farming practices, from free stalls and loose housing to pasture based dairying.

According to Rosengren, as an industry leader DeLaval has identified the different customer needs for automatic milking and is growing in line with them. “The DeLaval AMR™ welcomes many more dairy farmers around the world into the benefits of automatic milking,” he explained.

With the new system DeLaval gears up to meet dairy farmers’ different needs for automatic milking solutions, as the existing voluntary milking system VMS is joined by the future DeLaval AMR™. “Now we can unquestionably call DeLaval the Home of Automation,” said Vice President Business Area Capital Goods, Andrew Turner.

The DeLaval AMR™ is set to push the frontiers of Smart Farming. The company’s goal is to accelerate the transition from milking management to global farm profitability management by harnessing emerging decision tools and automation technologies for better quality milk and profits.

“We would like to acknowledge the collaboration with Future Dairy Project in Australia that resulted in the successful development of this important and new technology. We are very proud to have both the VMS and the DeLaval AMR™ to meet the requirements of different automatic milking applications and herd sizes,” Turner added.

The innovative DeLaval AMR™ will make its world debut at the EuroTier 2010 show in Hannover, Germany (November 16-19). The countdown to see it in action is on!

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