DeLaval celebrates the World Milk Day – June 1

DeLaval believes in milk and milk production

The fact that many countries celebrate the World Milk Day shows that milk is a global food. At DeLaval we are proud to work on behalf of farmers everywhere and we believe in the importance of milk and milk production. Ever since we co-hosted the Hamra 3D event together with FAO in 2003, we have continued our work to encourage the development of the dairy industry. This important work is mainly done via the Food for Development office together with Tetra Pak. The goal of Hamra 3D was to encourage a closer co-operation between all levels of the dairy industry in order to improve food production and food safety, animal welfare, and to meet the growing consumer needs. Today that challenge is met by the work performed by the Food for Development office.

Food for Development

The Food for Development Office (FfDO) team includes people from Tetra Pak and DeLaval. Together we possess a vast amount of knowledge, contacts and experience gained during many years and from many different parts of the world. By sharing this knowledge and experience FfDO and Tetra Pak support local authorities, NGOs (Non-Government Organisations), local entrepreneurs, schools, parents and children in co-ordinating and supporting school feeding and agricultural development programmes. This is achieved by setting up partnerships with development agencies, funding organisations, NGOs and National governments.

The Millennium Development Goals

Few people would dispute that the elimination of world poverty is a challenge that needs to be resolved on a global level. All UN member countries have therefore signed a pledge, “The Millennium Development Goals”, to halve world poverty by the year 2015. Today as many as 300 million children are chronically hungry and out of these 170 million are not fed at school. A school milk programme can be the catalyst that creates the growth of local food production and processing, creating job opportunities and financial independence. Food for Development strives to become a globally informed partner through initiating and developing partnerships for agriculture development and feeding programmes.

Milk is healthy

The fact that milk is a good source of nourishment is no secret. Milk contains 14 of the 18 most important minerals and vitamins we need every day. According to the Swedish Dairy Association the milk consumption in Sweden is increasing for the first time in 25 years. One reason for the increase is the Caffé Latte trend, 15 percent of all Swedish milk is put into coffee.

In the US the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) recommends three servings of milk per day to prevent diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

At DeLaval we are proud of the industry we work in and the contributions we can make to the milk industry. Join us in celebrating the World Milk Day, pour a glass of milk and enjoy!

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